Prayer of Reparation for Offenses Against the Holy Eucharist

My Lord Jesus Christ, only Way to the Father,
Son of God, Divine Redeemer, Savior of the world,
I bless, adore, and glorify You.
I offer to You infinite praise for the sublime gift
of the Most Blessed Sacrament –
the Sacrament of Your Sacred Body and Precious Blood.
I beg of You mercy, grace, and peace upon this unworthy world,
and especially upon Your Holy Catholic Church.

I offer to You, O Eucharistic Lord,
my adoration, prayer, study, and good works,
my hardships, humiliations, temptations, and daily crosses.
I accept them and offer them up to You
in reparation for countless offenses against the Holy Eucharist:
for irreverent bishops, priests, deacons, and lay people,
for heresies, apostasies, and schisms,
for errors, trivialities, and novelties
preached in place of Gospel truth,
for deliberate violations of Church laws,
for myriad liturgical abuses,
for illicit additions and omissions to the sacred rites,
for reluctance to bend the knee,
for negligent familiarity with the sacred,
for scandalous behavior at the altar,
for perfunctory devotion and unworthy communions,
for unbelief and lukewarm faith,
for immodest dress and profane music,
for talk and laughter before the tabernacle,
for the neglect that is sacrilege,
for the laxity that is blasphemy,
for the ignorance that is indifference to revealed truth,
and for every evil assault upon the sanctity
of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
In reparation for all such godlessness within Your Church,
I offer to You, my Lord Jesus Christ,
all the difficulties of my life,
and most especially the anguish I feel
at the sight and sound of irreverence before the Holy Eucharist.
All that You have given to me
I accept and offer up to You,
my Eucharistic Lord,
in reparation for countless offenses
thrown at Your Most Holy Presence.

Have mercy upon Your Church, O Lord.
Defend her against the attacks of the devil.
Fill her with Your Spirit of Truth.
Embolden her with missionary zeal.
Animate her with the deepest devotion.
Arm her with scholars, saints, and martyrs.
Guide and protect Your vicar on earth.
Bless Your clergy and religious.
Inspire all the faithful to love and serve You
as courageous soldiers of Jesus Christ.
And may Your Holy Gospel be proclaimed
to all the nations until the end of time
with fortitude and fidelity
for the salvation of souls
and the glory of Your Thrice-Holy Name:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


– Composed by Timothy O’Keefe/The Fullness of Truth Apostolate
August 1, 2014

8 thoughts on “Prayer of Reparation for Offenses Against the Holy Eucharist

  1. Why would anyone want to hurt Jesus by disrespecting the Eucharist which is his body and blood. He was torchard I mean almost beat to death because he loves us so much. The Eucharist is a medicine for the sinner. Its a beautiful symbol of christ love. Watch the passion of christ watch what this loving wonderful man did for us! Someday non believers will stand before him and they will see the truth. And be truly sorry. All he wants to do is be your friend give him 5 min maybe 10 how about a half hour he will slowly change your life.


  2. I am grieved every Mass at the constant noise and irreverence of the people. How can they even speak in the presence of the Almighty?
    Several reasons; because they do not believe Jesus is present in the tabernacle; they have been poorly catechized; and their pastor has taught them that their behavior is acceptable.
    I am grateful my priests and pastors knew better and taught me well.
    We must pray for all our priests. They are under constant attack.


  3. Yes, the good bishops and priests are under attack, but so aren’t we, the lay faithful. We are under attack by bad bishops and priests who de-catechize us every time they preach or teach. The decades-old end result is widespread ignorance and unbelief. Hence, the irreverence at Mass on all levels of the Church, even to the point that some priests openly discourage outward signs of Eucharistic reverence.

    The best answer for the time being is the pursuit of sound catechesis on our own. Catholic printing and publishing is hearty and healthy these days, so there are countless superb books on the faith to be easily found. Of first priority are the Bible and the Catechism. There is no excuse for religious ignorance. We cannot hide behind “bad priest” excuses. Read and pray. And then bring the true faith to your parish in whatever ways you can.


  4. Oh thank you so much for posting this beautiful litany. We need to pray frequently in reparation to The Blessed Sacrament. It saddens me a lot seeing the familiarity accorded Our Lord in the sacrament of His love! We pray that Holy communion on the hand may stop! Many fragments of Consecrated Host are thoughtlessly left on people’s hands and Our Lord is trampled upon by His own creatures. I have seen all this in churches in Rwanda where Communion on the hand is commonly used! It makes me cry seeing Our Lord treated like that by His own!!!


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