French Priest Murdered in Church

A Catholic priest was beheaded and a nun seriously injured during an attack by Islamists in a church in Rouen, France.   During 9am Mass on Tuesday, two teenaged males entered the parish of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, shouting “Daesh” (Arabic for “Islamic State”) and “Jihad”.  The young men took several hostages, including the priest, two nuns, and two lay people.  One of the nuns managed to escape and then contacted the police.  During the attack, one of the young men preached something like a sermon in Arabic from the altar.  Then, while filming the attack, they forced 85 year-old Father Jacques Hamel to kneel, and then slit his throat.  French police finally shot and killed the attackers as they left the Church shouting, “Allahu Akbar.”  Both of them lived locally and were known to authorities.  ISIS has claimed responsibility.

The so-called “religion of peace” strikes again.  Is it any wonder?  After all, the Qur’an says,

“When you meet the disbelievers in battle, strike them in the neck” (47:4).

But our political and religious leaders just don’t get the message; they refuse to see the light, to recognize the battle all around us.  How many methodical executions will it take to awaken them to the fact that Islam is not a religion of peace, that a war has been declared against all “disbelievers,” and that this war is now being openly waged in Europe and America?  It is being fought – right now, today, tomorrow, and the next day – while our potentates cozily snooze away in pleasant dreams of peace.  Their unwillingness to rise to the occasion, look straight into the eyes of evil, and call it evil, is a threat to all of us.

The essential element in the West’s defeat by Islam is the absurd tolerance of the radical left that amounts to a dictatorship of indifference.  Even as innocent people are regularly slaughtered by militant Muslims, westerners cower in fear of denouncing the murderers, lest they be identified as “intolerant,” “Islamophobic,” or “hate-mongers.”  This politically-motivated and imposed fear so dominates our cultures that, following the latest Islamic atrocity, one can easily predict the twaddle and blather soon to flow from our media and political and religious leaders.  Hence, tomorrow’s comments from the powers-that-be will make abundant references to “senseless violence,” atrocities carried out by “loners,” and deep concern for repercussions against the “peaceful Muslim community.”  Meanwhile, the authorities will continue to “search for a motive” for the attack.  And all of this for the simple reason that they refuse to recognize our sworn enemy.

It is a game for lunatics – these redundant post-attack performances by the left.  One could write tomorrow’s news reports today, because the radical left strictly follows a script and dictates it to others.  When one commonsensical thing screams to be said, just the opposite is said.  When all the solicitude should be directed towards Christians and all non-Muslims, instead, it is directed exclusively towards Muslims, towards the religion that inspires the killing.  Tomorrow, the increased security will be placed around mosques, more so than around churches or synagogues.  With every act of religiously-motivated terror, Islam is all the more proclaimed, defended, and even celebrated as a religion of kindness and mercy.  This is the insanity of the radical left that has lost the very instinct of survival, and that threatens with charges of hate crimes all those who respond to the murder of the innocent with righteous anger.

This psychological control imposed upon the west by western political and religious leaders of the progressive type is key to the Islamization of our world.  It is the essential element in silencing legitimate expressions of outrage and indignation, and in eliminating any meaningful resistance.  Islam could never conquer the west by shear violence, by jihad alone.  No, the successful Islamization of the west requires the cooperation of that emasculating ideology called Liberalism, which consistently favors the wrong party and sympathizes, not with the innocent victim, but with the ruthless aggressor.  Alas, this is the cabal trained in the killing fields of abortion on demand.  We should never expect to find a compassionate heart beating in the chests of these leftist monsters that rule us.

In the name of openness, tolerance, diversity, and multi-culturalism, we have had taken from us the right to survive.