Pray and Vote!

If you are a Catholic, a Christian, or a non-believer who opposes the mass murder of the innocent, then please consider the differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is pro-life, opposes partial-birth abortion, will choose pro-life Supreme Court justices, has a solidly pro-life running mate (Mike Pence), has chosen Rick Santorum as a pro-life advisor, and belongs to a political party (Republican) whose platform is firmly pro-life and opposes the use of government funds (our tax dollars) to fund abortion.

Hillary Clinton is fanatically pro-abortion, supports partial-birth abortion and, in fact, abortion during all nine months of pregnancy, will choose only pro-abortion Supreme Court justices, has a pro-abortion running mate (Tim Kaine), and belongs to a political party (Democrat) whose platform is staunchly pro-abortion, demands the repeal of the Hyde Amendment (which prohibits the use of government funds – our tax dollars – to fund abortion), and will directly fund abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood.

Following this election, it is not only the innocent unborn that will be the casualties; it will also be our Republic, our Constitution, and the very idea of democracy, in which the voting process must be free of fraud and corruption.  But even more, the final casualty will be religious freedom.

Religious freedom is not merely the liberty to worship God together with others in a public building.  That is properly called “freedom of worship.”  Religious freedom is the liberty to openly profess one’s religious faith, to live according to its precepts, and to participate in the discussions and debates of the times, as guided by one’s beliefs.  It supposes the right to publically disagree with, and peacefully oppose, unjust and immoral policies on religious grounds.  And all this without government harassment.

Under the Obama administration, religious freedom has not only been challenged; it has been directly assaulted.  Many Americans are now being harassed by state and federal agencies simply for opposing such atrocities as gay so-called marriage, or for refusing to provide for their employees, through Obamacare, such “health services” as abortion, sterilization, and contraception.  Simply for insisting on their right to live and work according to their own consciences, many have been threatened, sued, and have lost their businesses and good reputations.  Under this administration, America has become literally an anti-Christian country, a nation that despises, mocks, persecutes, and prosecutes Christians, and that blatantly hates God and the very idea of religion.

At the same time, in a contradiction suggesting an agenda, this administration has supported the mass immigration, almost exclusively, of Muslims from the middle east.   Are there no Christians east of Europe?  The effect of this massive number of non-Christian immigrants belonging to a religion that is notorious for its rejection of religious tolerance will continue to assault the Christian foundation of America.  Our laws will be gradually replaced by their laws, bit by bit, including polygamy and Sharia Law, the latter of which imposes physical mutilation and the public stoning of women as punishments.

Hillary Clinton, a former member of the Obama administration as Secretary of State,  will maintain and force to the next degrees many of Obama’s policies.  She has proudly promised a dramatic increase in middle eastern immigration.  For various reasons, she apparently has an intense interest in the Islamization of America.  If you’d like to see what this will result in, simply study the present conditions of France, Germany, and Sweden, which include dramatic increases in crime, rape, and anti-Christian violence.  There is no mystery here, no blind guessing or conspiratorial hype.  The chaotic results can be observed by anyone who bothers to follow the daily news in Europe.   And America will be next.

In addition, Clinton’s staff has shown itself to be specifically anti-Catholic, even before the election.  They have made insulting remarks about Catholics and even strategized about infiltrating the Church in order to “plant seeds of revolution” within the Church and against Catholic teaching.  They’ve mockingly described the Church as “medieval” and “backward.”  In addition, during here disastrous four years as secretary of state, Hillary did not visit the Vatican or Pope Benedict XVI even once.  A Clinton administration, packed with corrupt elitist officials, radical leftist activists, and anti-religious bigots, would be a nightmarish regime comparable to the twentieth-century communist dictatorships of eastern Europe.  Do not fool yourself into believing that this could never happen in good old America.  It already is happening, and it soon could get much worse.  We simply cannot afford to allow this wicked Jezebel to be elected, and our only means of preventing it are praying and voting.

There is no doubt about it; both candidates have qualities that are less than flattering, that give pause to the conscience of every morally-minded voter.  Both have behaved and spoken scandalously in the past.  However, we are concerned now with our future.   We are not voting for a Savior; we already have One.  We are not looking for a flawless hero; we don’t need one.  Simply, we are desperately trying to preserve the barest traces of moral sanity in a country that is in a perpendicular spiral into the deepest and darkest forms of depravity, such as the world has never before seen and cannot endure.  Whoever will substantially slow down this spiral deserves our vote.

This election is not a matter of bad versus bad; it is a matter of bad versus evil.  And this evil has shown itself to be especially opposed to the Christian way of life and thought, of the profound respect for sacred truth and life.  Both would suffer as never before under a Clinton administration.  The very teachings of the Church are at stake, as are the lives of innocent children.  Both are on the verge of renewed assaults from a Clintonian government.

Please, pray to God Almighty for His protection and mercy upon America, and especially upon His Church.  And then, strengthened and guided by prayer, go out and vote!  Do not think for a moment that sitting out this election will absolve you from moral responsibility for its outcome.  It will not.  The differences between the candidates are stark and will have real and long-lasting consequences for the country and entire world.  Regardless of who is finally elected, the responsibility will fall equally upon all of us – upon those who voted selfishly, upon those who voted in an attempt to at least restrain the demise of this great Christian nation, as well as upon those who decided they would not vote at all, in an attempt merely to escape responsibility.

The devil relishes those pious people who sit by idly, coddling their idealism and offering evil no opposition, while the world steadily goes to hell, stage by stage.  This is precisely what Satan needs from good people – absolutely nothing – and he would like to thank all of you in advance.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches (2239-2240),

“It is the duty of citizens to contribute along with the civil authorities to the good of society in a spirit of truth, justice, solidarity, and freedom.  The love and service of one’s country follow from the duty of gratitude and belong to the order of charity. Submission to legitimate authorities and service of the common good require citizens to fulfill their roles in the life of the political community.

Submission to authority and co-responsibility for the common good make it morally obligatory to pay taxes, to exercise the right to vote, and to defend one’s country.”

The Compendium of the Catholic Church says (464),

“Those subject to authority should regard those in authority as representatives of God and offer their loyal collaboration for the right functioning of public and social life. This collaboration includes love and service of one’s homeland, the right and duty to vote, payment of taxes, the defense of one’s country, and the right to exercise constructive criticism.”

In life, there is no escaping moral responsibility;  there is only doing the best that one can by divine grace with the difficult circumstances caused by man and permitted by God for His good purposes.

On November 8, can any sincerely pro-life person really sit at home with peace of mind, knowing that others are out voting to support that demonic thing called a “woman’s right” to murder her child?  And if pro-abortion politicians have – as we often say –  “blood on their hands” because of their murderous policies, how is it that those of us who refuse to oppose those same policies, when given the chance, do not?  How is it that our hands are spotless?

Please, please, please, do the best you can in these most difficult of circumstances: pray, hold your nose, and then VOTE!