A Sad Memory, Indeed

This video recounts one of the saddest days of my life, an event that seemed to be the end of my dearest dream.  On the brighter side, it was also one of the causes that led me to create this apostolate, especially The Fullness of Truth Radio Program.

Regardless of that devastating period and experience, which put a final end to my seeking a religious vocation, I remained firm in the conviction that evil must be overcome by Good.  We must all fight the good fight of faith in the circumstances God has placed us, however unjust they may seem, even if we feel like a hopeless mass of handicaps and shortcomings and less qualified to serve than any other person on the face of the earth.  Sometimes that is precisely the disposition God requires for a task – the painful awareness of one’s own weaknesses.  By the grace of the Almighty, the nobody becomes a somebody.


2 thoughts on “A Sad Memory, Indeed

  1. Spooky how the day you posted this is the day I viewed the video…
    The barque has beached herself and it’s going to take a full moon and high tide to get her afloat again.


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