Ireland Legalizes Murder

FetusIt’s official.  Ireland is a pagan nation.  It is pro-homosexuality, pro-contraception, pro-divorce, and pro-abortion.  It is liberal, secular, leftist, and progressive.  It is faithless, immoral, and godless.  It is conformed to the age and has embraced the spirit of the times.  It has burned the banner of the Holy Gospel and stomped on the Word of God.  It has insulted the saints, desecrated the sacraments, and blasphemed Our Eucharistic Lord.  Ireland is a pagan nation.  Period.

The vote to repeal the Irish Constitution’s Eighth Amendment by a two-third’s majority is a victory for ignorance.  Why?  Because a people formed after the Gospel, who affirmed the two Great Commandments, the Golden Rule, the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, and the natural law, and who understood the necessity of these moral principles in creating and maintaining a civilization founded on charity and justice for both the strong and the weak, would never have even considered such a repeal.  It would have been morally unthinkable.  But ignorance of the faith has prevailed, and now it will be helpless pre-born children who first pay the price.  And this price will increase, as the abortion mentality stretches its rancid tentacles throughout Irish society, corrupting its culture, art, and education, strangling Christian virtue, and founding a hundred abortion-related practices and industries.

Legalized abortion will produce laws restricting public opposition and free speech, and will establish abortion mill zones where the Rosary cannot be prayed or pro-life counseling offered to desperate pregnant women on the verge of murdering their own flesh and blood.  Funding for abortion facilities will be drawn from federal taxes.  The government you make YOU fund the killing.  Medical students will be required to take part in abortions as a part of their training, or they will not be licensed.  An underground body parts industry will establish itself, whether legally or illegally.  And any person who openly objects to the new “culture of death” will be regarded as a backwards lunatic who hates women and practices a religion that is a threat to Irish culture and freedom.  You will feel like an unwelcome alien in your own home, among your dearest friends.  Pro-life Catholics will be regarded as potential terrorists for their views.  And then, one deranged individual among the pro-life fold will attack or kill an abortionist, and the laws against pro-life beliefs and activism will suddenly grow shockingly severe.    On and on the abortion infection will spread, like a bacteria from hell, until the same methods that successfully introduced homosexual marriage and abortion will be re-employed to introduce the next leap into the bottomless pit of perdition: euthanasia.

I know the Irish. I’ve lived among them and listened to the stories of their lives for thirty years now.  The Irish clergy left them hopelessly ignorant of the Catholic faith, precisely as happened in the United States.  Catholics were formed to be mere Mass-goers, pew-sitters, and sacramentalists who couldn’t offer an effective word on behalf of the faith they professed, because they studied neither the Bible nor the Catechism.  They were cultural Catholics who received Holy Communion weekly or daily and prayed the Rosary in ten minutes, members of the institutional Church, rather than disciples of Jesus Christ who were willing and prepared to spread and defend the faith, as every Catholic is commissioned to do by virtue of their Confirmation.

I have always identified Irish Catholicism as being unusually deficient in the catechetical domain – and directly related to this, superstitious as well, due to its infatuation with a pre-Christian Celtic spirituality that seems to saturate the Irish soil itself.  All of this has left the Irish folk intellectually lame and spiritually vulnerable to the lies of the irreligious left, until good seemed evil and evil good, until murder seemed like equality and liberty for all.  Finally, add to this the anger aroused by the horrific scandals among the Irish clergy and religious, including the Magdalene Sisters and the Christian Brothers, and perhaps the future was inevitable.  One might even say that the abortion vote signified a denunciation of the Catholic Church itself.  As morally insane as it is, many voted for abortion as a means of registering their opposition to the Catholic Church.  The fact is, the Church lost the Irish people many years ago, so that this political outcome was entirely predictable.  Indeed, in light of the vote in favor of homosexual marriage, a vote in opposition to abortion would have made no sense whatsoever.

Saint Patrick – that holy Brit – has been rebuked by brogues.  Perhaps King Herod the Great – that murderer of the Holy Innocents – would now be a more fitting patron for Ireland.  The druids have arisen to reclaim the Irish ignoramuses for the powers of darkness, with their “black laws of pagandom.”  Yes, child sacrifice is returning to the Emerald Isle, as the land of saints and scholars, once known for producing countless Catholic missionaries who brought the ancient and perennial faith to a world living in heathen darkness, now degenerates into a Guinness-soaked godless domain.  As Father John Hardon once warned, there is nothing as anti-Christian as a formerly Christian nation.

And all of this…in the month of Mary.  May Our Lady of Knock still intercede before her offended Lord.

The battle goes on.  The soldiers of Christ know no white flags.  We do not surrender to evil.  We make no deals with the devil, even as he takes our homes from us.  Jesus Christ, His Holy Gospel, and His Holy Church have already won this war.  All that matters now is fidelity to the true faith, even as our co-religionists burn incense to Baal and offer their firstborn to Moloch.  There is no middle ground here, no neutral position, no moderate view, no place for conscientious objectors.  There is no way to abstain from the battle between God and Satan, between the true Church and the anti-church.  The only option is to choose your side – the right or the left, the sheep or the goats, the wheat or the weeds.

Be faithful…or be damned.


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