Classes in Catholicism

Saint Justin Martyr, Patron Saint of Apologists and PhilosophersOur various classes have resumed for the new school year.  There are presently three groups.  The course, Catholic Apologetics, will be taught at the Little Sisters of the Poor St. Joseph’s Residence in Enfield, CT (1365 Enfield St.), beginning Monday, September 19, and at Christ the King parish center in Ludlow, MA (41 Warsaw Ave.), beginning on Tuesday, September 20.

Another course entitled, Answering Common Objections, held on the first and third Thursdays of the month, will resume on Thursday, October 6, at Holy Trinity parish center in Westfield, MA (335 Elm St.).

Catholic Apologetics is a four-year course, but students are welcome to take as much or as little of it as they choose.  The course is intended to give students a thorough knowledge of the faith, with an emphasis on explaining and defending it.

Answering Common Objections is less of a course and more of a series of ongoing talks on the faith.  It is simpler than the Catholic Apologetics course, and therefore, would be suitable for fallen-away or non-Catholics who wanted to learn the basics.

In addition, I also have another course called The Fundamentals of Catholicism that examines the essential teachings of the faith.  I’m not presently teaching this course anywhere, but I would be happy to offer it wherever there is interest.

All classes are held approximately from 7-8:30 pm.  Although there is no set fee, donations of any amount to support the apostolate are greatly needed and appreciated.

It goes without saying that these groups are small in number – anything from 3-20 people.  So, new students are always welcome.  Again, I would be happy to start new classes wherever there is interest (in the southern New England area).  It requires only several students and a quiet room.  I’ve taught these classes for about 15 years now in school rooms, boardrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, and I’m willing to offer them wherever there is a sincere interest in Catholic truth.  So, please spread the word.

For more information, please leave a phone message at (413) 568-4429, or else, send an email to:



4 thoughts on “Classes in Catholicism

  1. Can I get these apologetics emailed to me? I live in a little town in Alberta, Canada. I love my faith & Church.

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