This Is What Real Catholic Men Look Like

What do real Catholic men look like?

For fifty years now, we have heard preached from our Catholic pulpits a so-called “gospel” that is nauseatingly full of effeminacy.  It teaches only that which is easy and pleasant, to the neglect of that which is demanding and difficult.  It exhorts us to be sweet and gentle, but seldom to be courageous and strong.  It proclaims effete emotions, rather than manly convictions.  We are told we must be full of joy, joy, joy, but never that we should cultivate gravity and a serious comprehension of the evils that are rising all around us.  And the outcome of this effeminate giddy pseudo-gospel has been the near destruction of a Church that is now overwhelmed with uncatechized lukewarm Catholics who openly reject Catholic teaching  and even actively oppose it in their personal and professional lives.  And such persons, we are told, must always be given Holy Communion, for to deny them our Lord would be to “politicize” the Holy Eucharist!

For fifty years now, sermons have been nearly void of difficult doctrines and lofty morals, such as Christ and the Apostles daily taught.  We do not hear about sin, hell, purgatory, or the day of judgment, for these are upsetting.  We are not taught about evil, Satan, the demons, and their endless schemes to draw our souls into eternal perdition, for this would be fear-mongering.  We are not warned about pornography, contraception, homosexual acts, or adultery, for this would be controversial.  We are not instructed that to receive Holy Communion while in a state of mortal sin is to commit a grave sin of sacrilege, for this would be alarmist.  And we are not exhorted to proclaim and defend the faith to Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and atheists, for this would be triumphalistic.

Indeed, to even love Catholic teaching in all its depth and breadth is to risk being denounced as a Pharisee, and to express a heartfelt devotion towards our Eucharistic Lord that overflows into blessings, bows, and genuflections is to risk being criticized as “pious” and “holier than thou” by our own priests!

Nor do many pastors truly shepherd the flock.  Instead, they more often flatter and tickle the flock.  Homilies draw from congregations “ooohs” and “aaahs” at the sentimental stories, laughter at the jokes, approving nods at the platitudes, and thumbs-ups at the mention of this or that sports team.

On the contrary, dedicated shepherds with a zeal for souls would feed the flock with the divine nourishment of revealed eternal truth; they would both expound and defend it.  They would also warn the flock of the prevalent sins and errors of our age, of those erroneous beliefs, superstitions, and unnatural vices that have become widely acceptable, and yet, that threaten the salvation of souls.  Now that would make for relevant preaching!

Instead, one homily sounds like any other: love, love, and more love ad nauseam, without any distinction made between the world’s lawless love and the entirely unique Christian charity – that magnificent theological virtue bestowed by the Holy Spirit that infinitely exceeds in goodness a trillion tons of the world’s tolerance, diversity, open-mindedness, and non-judgmentalism.

After decades of this deformation, the end result is effeminacy – an emasculated character, limp with laxity and passivity, that will neither die to self nor live for God.  And as for the noble “soldier of Christ” image, the strong and virtuous man of action who will sacrifice himself in the good fight for faith while wearing the spiritual armor of God – such an image is far too offensive for the sensitive modern male who is deeply in touch with his feelings, offends easily, weeps often, and has been effectively castrated by a gay culture and a cowardly Catholicism.

A man entering a Catholic church today might as well leave his testosterone in the vestibule; he won’t be needing it for Mass.

So, what do real Catholic men look like – both lay and clergy?  What do they do in such evil times as these?  Simply, they lock arms and stand for God, regardless of the harm that it might bring them.   They do for the Bride of Christ what every good man would do for his own beloved bride: defend her.

The letter below is taken from the site, One Peter 5.  I found it profoundly inspiring and to offer a shocking contrast with the usual spiritual indifference of the modern Church in which everything – including raw evil itself – is treated with the last supposed virtue: absolute tolerance.  Let us all keep these Catholic men and their cause in our prayers, especially on Christmas Eve; it will soon enough be our cause as well.  For Satanism is on the rise and is gradually being accepted as a mainline religion.  And with what will the Church meet it – more limp-wristed tolerance?  May God have mercy on us all for accepting His preternatural enemy.


“The Satanist that held the black mass in Oklahoma City last year is at it again. Adam Daniels is planning this Christmas Eve to desecrate a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Entitled “Virgin Birth is a Lie” this Satanist is planning on putting on a show outside St. Joseph’s Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City from 4:30 to 6:15 pm Christmas Eve.

So this is the clarion call. We will be heading down to do whatever I can to stop/block/thwart this. Who will come to defend Our Lady? Who will stand up against blasphemy? Will we be lukewarm and be vomited out of Our Blessed Lord’s mouth, or will we be men? Would you let something like this happen to your mother? I for one will not stand by idly and let this happen to Our Mother. Are we the Church Militant or the Church Cowering and Sniveling? Are we Christeros or are we those who deny the faith for our own ease. So stand and be counted men. Are we men enough to defend our faith or shall we let this disgusting pig publicly blaspheme and commit desecration and sacrilege like a bunch of scared puppies?

So here I ask, who is with me? Who will stand in defense of truth, purity, and good? Who will stand with me in defense of Christ and the Immaculate Conception? Who will be a soldier of Christ with me? The time for talk is over, the time for action is now. Will you join me, men of Christ, or will we offer our pinch of incense to Caesar? What say you?

The plan is to show up 4:00PM, and for Catholic men, in defense of Our Blessed Lady, to occupy the area where this public blasphemy will take place and stand arm-in-arm, praying the Rosary in reparation for this event. We will defend our Mother and His bride, Holy Mother Church. This will be a non-violent event, but we will not back down, much like our Catholic brethren who so bravely defended their Cathedral last year in Argentina from topless rabid feminists bent on desecrating the Cathedral.

Additionally, we would ask all those who cannot attend to work with their priest to have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and non-stop rosaries of reparation and for those who will show up and defend Our Lady. Will we, on the eve of His birth, stand and say enough is enough or will we not? I beseech you to come and stand with us in OKC to defend the faith. God reward you for your charity.”

Please sign up for the event at our Facebook Event Page at

Contact: David Homoney



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